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1. Pet-Friendly Feeding: With food storage space and multiple compartments, our dog nail scratchboard is more than just a nail filer. Your furry friend can use their paws to turn the top cover and discover new treats, making it a fun and interactive puzzle while also keeping their nails trimmed.
2. Efficient Storage: Ideal for owners with limited space, our medium-sized dog nail scratchboard is designed to meet your needs while being easy to store, ensuring it doesn't take up too much room.
3. Enduring Durability: Crafted from robust PP, sandpaper, and silicone, this scratchboard ensures a long-lasting, wear-resistant experience for your pet, not succumbing to deformation or damage easily.
4. Multiple Purposes: The 360-rotating design of our Dog Nail Scratch Board serves a dual purpose, as a nail file toy and a scratching post for your pet. Combining beauty and play, it raises pet grooming to a pleasant and enjoyable experience.
5. Enhance Your Connection: Raise the fun factor for your pet with this interactive dog nail scratchboard. Designed to suit any size, it promotes deeper connections while keeping their claws healthy. Perfect for dog nail filing or clipping, it's an ideal grooming accessory to foster a closer bond with your furry friend.
This medium-sized dog nail scratchboard is a multifunctional tool made of high-quality PP, sandpaper, and silicone material. It features multiple food storage compartments and can be used as an interactive toy, making it a must-have item for pet lover

Product information:
Specifications: black, green, purple, yellow, blue
Material: Plastic
Category: Pet tableware
Product Size: 32*32 * 3.8cm

Packing list:
1*Pet Toy

Product Image:

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Cat Dog Scratch Board For 360 Rotating Pets Claw Trimmer Scratcher Dog Nails Trimmer Scratch Board With Treats Pet Products

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