In 2015, it began to sell jewelry and accessory online. With the dramatically rising order of

The Fast and Furious necklace, the dropshipping business was

formally launched to step into the e-commerce industry; the first batch of employees were recruited for

the first scale expansion and the second AliExpress store opened,

lifting the annual sales to 1 million RMB


New employees

AliExpress stores


In 2016, the number of orders increased sharply by breaking down jewelry production steps

and controlling production process, accumulating a number of high-quality customers for CJ;

the sourcing model and comprehensive management model were established;

the organization chart took shape with the setting up of the first order processing group;

self-employed workshop was built to ensure the quality of products;

more AliExpress stores were opened and CJdropshipping.com was officially launched.

The annual sales were 6 million RMB


In 2017, the Hangzhou branch was established for the further expansion of dropshipping business;

3C category was determined and the sourcing team was set up, greatly improving the working efficiency

and service quality; more departments, including the sales, technology, finance, procurement,

and personnel department, were set up to perfect the organizational structure;

and the plan of software system development was implemented and put into normal operation;

the Shenzhen warehouse was set up to shorten the delivery cycle and improve customer satisfaction;

more AliExpress stores were opened, with more third-party merchants entering, the annual sales doubled.


In 2018, the USA warehouse was set up to enter the international market;

CJ online trading platform was officially launched and Yiwu warehouse and Hangzhou company expanded their scale;

the organization chart was subdivided by increasing logistics department,

quality supervision department and brand promotion department with a staff size of 350 people;

automatic order processing line was opened, grabbing order intelligently and saving manpower, cost and efficiency


The second USA warehouse was set up in New Jersey to satisfy the needs of foreign customers;

mobile software and CJPacket were officially launched for the real-time tracking of order dynamics;

individualized products, customized service and servers around CJ were expanded;

CJdropshipping has been striving to strengthen strategic cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises

and deepen the company's business philosophy of "product quality, logistics quality, service quality"

Customer Orientation, Service First