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Add-on Services You May Need

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Date Created: Oct. 06, 2020 16:35:49 Last Edited: Mar. 06, 2024 10:54:03

Except for normal order fulfilling and shipping services, CJ also offers many Add-on services for you to boost your business.

Those services include:

Are you still taking photos or videos from others? CJ can make special images and videos for you, so that you can use them on your website and boost your business. Besides, we can specially design and offer videos & pictures serving as Facebook ads. Simply, you can start by posting a photography request.


Kindly refer to the tutorial--How to Use Video Shooting Service from CJ Dropshipping? to learn more details.


You can customize the packages with your brand logo, your slogan, your style, which will definitely impress your customers. Every word and picture you design for your packaging will send a strong branding message to your customers. Besides, it can solve the white-label issue. Simply, you could get started with our customized packaging function: What You Need to Know About Customized Packaging.


3. Print On Demand.

POD (Print On Demand) business is an easy way to start a business with your own brand. As we know, branding is an unskippable part to grow a high-profit and long-term business. Usually, the typical products to print are T-shirts, jewelry, watches, and phone cases. But you can also get the POD service for other products on CJ.

Moreover, there are 2 approaches to get the products designed, and the POD products can either be designed by the merchant (yourself) or the buyer (your customers).


Above are the major add-on services we can offer you. If you want any other service, please feel free to contact our agents.