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CJdropshipping Service Fee

Against the backdrop of the burgeoning dropshipping business, CJ has launched Fulfillment Service, by which you can store your products in our global warehouses, be they in China, the US, or Poland, thereby significantly curtailing the delivery time and optimizing end customers' shopping experience.

CJ is leveraging its strength to build a convenient, multi-faceted business environment where you can not only find miscellaneous products but also have access to all-in-one dropshipping service, including shipping, storage, inspection, packing, stocktaking, and labeling.

Please be aware that, to ship products to all overseas warehouses, the MOQ is no less than 10pcs for a variant and no less than 100pcs for a total, during which we will only charge a service fee.

Our Advantages

All-in-one Dropshipping Provider; Integrated Service; Convenience.

Competitive Price; Fast Delivery; Competitive Products; 90 Days Free Storage Fee in China and US Warehouses.

Global Supply Chain; Local Delivery.

Flexible Business Model, adapting to different demands.

Brand Internalization, Product Customization, Packaging Customization, and Photo&Video Shooting.

CJ Academy, which can help grow your business.

Shipping Fee
Please check it with agents or at Shipping Calculation
China to Overseas Warehouses (For Reference Only)
Transportation Delivery Time Price/kg
CN US Air Ordinary 10 - 15 Days $10.00/kg
CN US Air Sensitive 11 - 16 Days $11.00/kg
CN US Sea Ordinary 25 - 30 Days $4.00/kg
CN US Sea Sensitive 25 - 30 Days $4.50/kg
CN PL Air Ordinary 12 - 15 Days $11.00/kg
CN PL Air Sensitive 14 - 17 Days $12.00/kg
CN PL Sea Ordinary 45 - 60 Days $5.50/kg
CN PL Sea Sensitive 45 - 60 Days $6.00/kg
Add-On Cost For Additional Service
Items China Warehouse US Warehouse PL Warehouse Note
Inbound Fee Free Free $0.22 Product Quantity*Unit Price
$15.50 $50.00 / Including pallets (1000*1200mm)
Label Fee $0.03 $0.20 $0.27 SKU Label: Print (not overlap or tear off the original label)
$0.05 $0.45 $0.54 FBA Label: Print (not overlap or tear off the original label)
$0.04 $0.30 / SKU Cover Label: Print and Stick (tear off the original label)
$0.07 $0.50 / FBA Cover Label: Print and Stick (overlap or tear off the original label)
Assembling Fee $0.08/set $1.00/set / Maximum of three SKUs
Disposal Fee Free $0.40/kg $0.38/piece For a package whose weight is less than 1kg, the disposal fee will be $0.4.
Stocktaking Fee $0.05/100 pieces $0.24/piece / /
Packaging Fee Free Free $1.00 Small package
$1.20/carton $3.00/carton $5.00/carton Including materials (50*50*40CM)
Outbound Fee
Weight China Warehouse US Warehouse PL Warehouse
0-1000g $0.30 $0.50 $0.88
1001-5000g $0.40 $0.85 $1.10
5001-10000g $0.50 $1.35 $1.54
10001-30000g $0.60 $1.65 $1.97
30001-31500g $0.80 $2.35 $2.52
31501-40000g $1.00 $2.89 $3.28

Note: For packages in China and US warehouses, each additional item in each delivery order will be added with an additional cost of $0.08 (capped at $1.50) and $0.10 (capped at $4.00) respectively, and for those in Poland warehouse, the additional cost will be $0.44, capped at $7.00.

Warehouse Fee
Period China Warehouse US Warehouse PL Warehouse
0 - 30 Days Free Free Free
31 - 60 Days Free Free $0.36/CBM/Day
61 - 90 Days Free Free $0.51/CBM/Day
91 - 120 Days $0.20/CBM/Day $0.35/CBM/Day $0.77/CBM/Day
121 - 180 Days $0.30/CBM/Day $0.65/CBM/Day $1.01/CBM/Day
181 - 270 Days $0.40/CBM/Day $0.85/CBM/Day $1.52/CBM/Day
271 - 365 Days $0.50/CBM/Day $0.95/CBM/Day $1.78/CBM/Day
Over 365 Days $0.60/CBM/Day $1.00/CBM/Day $3.56/CBM/Day
Additional Warehouse Fee during Peak Season / / $0.25/CBM/Day

Calculation formula: CBM =L (M) * W (M) * H (M) (1st Oct - 31st Dec, 2022, Free Additional Warehouse Fee)

Case Study (Poland Warehouse)
Case 1
Suppose there are 100 SKUs in stock (Single volume: 0.001M ³), of which 50 SKUs with a stock period of 20 days, 40 SKUs with a stock period of 50 days, and 10 SKUs with a stock period of 85 days respectively, the daily warehouse fee will be:
50 * 0.001M ³* 0.00+40*USD0.001m ³* USD0.36+10*0.001m ³* USD0.51=USD0.02
Case 2
Suppose there are 20 SKUs in stock (Single volume: 0.001M ³) and on October 1st, there are 10 stocks with a stock period of 40 days and 10 stocks with a stock period of 1 day respectively, the warehouse fee on October 1 will be:
10 * 0.001M ³ *(USD0.36+USD0.25) +10*0.001m ³* USD0.00=USD0.01
Note: Daily warehouse fee: Keep 2 decimals after rounding off. If the cost is less than USE0.01 based on calculation, it will be charged as USD0.01.
For more additional services related to overseas warehouses or after-sales service, please click here.