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Raising Integrity Concerns – Whistleblower Policy

CJ Dropshipping ("CJ"), a technology-based trading platform specializing in dropshipping, was established in September 2014, with branches and warehouses established in Yiwu, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Frankfurt, New Jersey, California, Bangkok, and Jakarta. CJ with its dropshipping supply chain ranks top in the dropshipping business. CJ has always been committed to the value of '3 Tops' – offering 'Top products, logistics, and services'. Upon our user-first business concept, CJ aims at promoting the development of the economy, technology, and talent and improving the employment of society, and strives to become a diversified, sophisticated, and internationalized e-commerce enterprise and create a sustainable, competitive, and lucrative environment.

Part of building a culture of trust is learning to speak up when something's not right, so that we can address the problem. You can report any corruption, unethical behaviors, unfair activities and misconducts to us according to the following procedures and your confidentiality will be protected.

I. Who can be a Whistleblower?

The whistleblower refers to any organization or individual that reports any unethical, illegal, or corruptive business behavior conducted by CJ employees.

II. What Requirements do Whistleblowers need to Comply with?


Whistleblowers should report misconducts based on facts with the name of the reported employees and materials (if available), and shall not send malicious reports and false accusations.


Whistleblowers are encouraged to report by real name while an anonymous report is allowed.


Whistleblower shall provide reachable contact information regardless of how the misconduct is reported.

III. What can a Whistleblower Report?

Whistleblowers may report and disclose any unethical, illegal, or corruptive business behavior conducted by CJ employees, including but not limited to:


Request user's private information such as Email, mobile, Skype WhatsApp, address, etc.;


Leak user's private information protected by CJ's Privacy Policy;


Other behaviors in violation of CJ's Privacy Policy;


Transfer orders to any other company to make a profit, as known as, unethical order dealings;


Insinuate users to make transactions offline;


Suggest or insinuate CJ users to place orders on other platforms;


Solicit, directly or indirectly request, or accept any kickback, gift, gratuity or thing of value, including meals or travel, or other improper advantages from CJ users and partners;


Acquire benefits for oneself, interested parties, or others upon duty-related advantages;


Other acts of accepting, demanding, or directing bribery;


Impair the interest of CJ by disclosing CJ's technical secrets, product prices, costs, and other information;


Disclose information of establishing, operating, or shareholding of other companies in the same industry to any CJ user;


Conduct any connected transaction or being involved in the conflict of interest;


Conduct other unethical, illegal, or corruptive business behaviors.

IV. How does CJ Protect Whistleblowers?

Protection measures taken by CJ for proactive whistleblowers including CJ users and other partners are as follow:


Confidentiality guarantee. CJ establishes a special and responsible department to deal with the reports.


Immunity. CJ will not hold the whistleblower accountable if the whistleblower takes the initiative to report her/his wrongdoing or participation in the reported misconduct--offering the improper advantages to CJ employees or any affiliates in a proactive or passive manner.


Cooperation Guarantee and Reward. Apart from the immunity, CJ will also continue cooperation and offers rewards for the whistleblower who takes the initiative to report her/his wrongdoing or participation in the reported misconduct.

V. What Rewards will CJ Offer?


CJ will reward whistleblowers for the factual report of misconducts. To ensure the delivery of rewards, CJ's rewards are limited to real-name whistleblowers in which case the investigation of misconduct can be facilitated.


A financial reward ranging from $600 to $6,000 will be offered, or advertising and promotional support (if required), if the relevant misconduct reported is deemed to be credible after investigation.

Please email lianjie@cjdropshipping.co for more details if you have any confusion. This policy is effective from the date of issuance or update, and CJ shall reserve the right of interpretation.