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How to Find Products on CJ?

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Date Created: Nov. 12, 2020 17:54:49 Last Edited: Aug. 10, 2023 07:55:19

Whether looking for a winning product or making a connection with CJ, you must find the product if you want to place orders.

On CJ, there are many methods to find a product in which you are interested. In the following parts, we will introduce some frequently used methods to find a product on CJ.

To summarize, they are:

1. Search by keywords, URL;

2. Search by image;

3. Super Deals;

4. Trending Products;

5. New Products;

6. Hot Selling Categories;

7. Recommended Products;

8. Print on Demand;

9. Warehouses;

10. Sourcing.


Note: You may also view your history footprint (only in logged-in status) at the bottom of a product's page to facilitate your process of product hunting.


1. Search by keywords

This is a basic feature that every online shopping website will have. By inputting the keyword, you can easily find out products whose title includes the keyword.


2. Search by image

It's also in the search bar. Differently, you can drag an image or upload it from a file folder to search. It will bring convenience when you save the photo but forget the detailed title or description.


3. Super Deals

A promotional plan is needed for products that are enough in stock. You will find products with a proper price here and save the cost if you're just starting your business.


4. Trending Products

We have a product selection team, who will carefully pick some products every week. These products should be of high sales, popular, seasonal, and have been searched many times.


5. New Products

Our editors will also select the first 6 new products to show you. When you click "View More", all products will be ranked as the created time.


6. Hot Selling Categories

According to your browsing history and what products users list, save or connect, CJ lists the first 4 categories of these products. For a niche store, it will reduce the inconvenience of searching for products of one category one by one.


7. Recommended Products

This section will show you products that you may like according to your browser history on CJ. You may have orders of these products, listed, added similar products to your Wishlist or SKU list. 


8. Print on Demand

POD is one of our add-on services. You can find products that support customization here and design yourself, including putting your logo on them. If your store is on Shopify, there will be a "Design" button for your products if you list from CJ directly.


9. Warehouses

CJ is always sourcing overseas suppliers to provide local delivery for products. In that column, you will see all warehouses, including our warehouses and supplier warehouse. 

For CJ products, we will arrange shipment and you need to pay for the product and shipment. 

For products from local suppliers, they will provide fast and free shipping. The estimated delivery time should be 3-7 days. 


10. Sourcing

If you still don't find what you want to sell, here comes the efficient method–Sourcing. It allows you to put the product image, title, link for us, then our sourcing team will find it from our cooperated factory and publish it on CJ for you to sell. 

Refer to: How to post a sourcing request to CJ?


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Should you have any doubts or problems, please get our customer support promptly.