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The Common WooCommerce Store Issues and Solutions

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Date Created: Mar. 02, 2021 11:40:57 Last Edited: Mar. 06, 2024 11:35:25

WooCommerce is one of the most important cooperated platforms, and WooCommerce customers are highly valued on CJ. But sometimes WoomCommerce issues arise one after another and make you confused and crazy.

Given that, we offer references for you about a series of common WooCommerce issues.

Three parts are concluded:

1. Authorization issue;

2. Listing issue;

3. Order syncing issue;


1. Authorization issue;

(1) The "www" cannot be missed if it is part of your domain name. You must put it on when you are authorizing your Woocomerce store. But it is not necessary if your website domain doesn't begin with "www". "https://" must be removed.

(2) Read/Write permission is incredibly important. You are supposed to give read and write permission to CJ. And CJ will offer better service for you. You need to visit the CJ system and reconnect if you only allow single Read or Write permission.

(3) Correct "key" and "secret" are necessary. Sometimes, you got the "Authorize Failed" information. Simply, you fill in the wrong "key" and "secret". Please double-check it.

(4) Only HTTPS is supported. When authorizing the store, it will first visit the web which begins with "https", so it is recommended to upgrade the site to "https".

(5) Incorrect URL or "Plain" permalink. You need to use the right URL on WooCommerce. Click Settings > Permalinks > Common Settings. Then choose a new one. It always works. Plain is a default setting and you need to change to others.


2. Listing issue.

(1) "Invalid or duplicated SKU" Issue/"UGS non valide ou dupliqué". Normally, it is out of the existing products in your store. They share the same SKU. Please check if the product is existing or not, you can choose to delete or keep it.

(2) Too Many Variants. You may list failed if you choose too many variants. You can choose a few variants and list them to your store. Then, edit them in your store.

(3) "Sorry, you cannot list resources." It's because you deleted the API from your WooCommerce admin and we can't access your store. You can reauthorize your store to solve the problem.

(4) "Please ensure there is enough space in your WooCommerce media library before listing again." Please check if it's possible to increase the memory of your media library.

(5) "There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions."

Please refer to this tutorial.

(6) Rest API Access Fails with 404 (Access wp-json).

Please refer to this tutorial.

(7) “Invalid image: Specified file failed upload test.” Or Create platform product failed [#18 is an invalid image ID.]

Please try to change the host server in WooCommerce.

(8) 403/443 failed to respond. Or "[happen data error exception, message=[response error=[Just a moment...]]])"

Please add the CJ IP address to the white list or turn it off if you have set any protection for your website.

(9) "Create platform product failed [Invalid image: The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/2023/07."

Please refer to this tutorial.


3.Order syncing issue;

The most common issue comes when you start to sync orders. You may have orders on the WooCommerce store, but you cannot find the same order on CJ. We have solutions for it. Please do exactly as follows:

(1) Check if you have authorized the right store or not. We cannot sync your orders if you don't authorize your store to CJ. After authorization, CJ can move on and sync orders.

(2) Check if the products have been connected to CJ or not. Only by having a connection with CJ can we fulfill the products and orders.

(3) Check if your orders are available to be fulfilled. Orders should be processing and with Shipping address. Otherwise, you are supposed to change the order status on WooCommerce. Then, CJ can automatically sync your orders.


All current issues about Woocommerce stores are listed here. That may not include everything you may encounter. With any other doubts, feel free to contact us.