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How Long Does It Take to Refund and Withdraw?

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Date Created: Mar. 29, 2021 14:59:53 Last Edited: Sep. 20, 2023 06:29:09

As a critical section of your cash flow, refund & withdrawal have always been one of the concerns of all dropshippers. 

And here is how your refund and withdrawal are handled by CJ:

I. Refund

There are 2 types of refund:

1. Refund from a dispute. 

Note: When you open a dispute, the dispute will be handled and reviewed by our dispute team, and a refund will not be approved unless an agreement is reached upon negotiation between you and the dispute team, so please make sure that you don't forget to respond to our dispute team to facilitate the process of your refund. You can always review the process of your dispute in the Disputes.

2. Refund due to insufficient inventory.

Your order will be canceled if the CJ procurement team realizes that the supplier is unable to replenish anytime soon, and a refund will be made right away without any dispute.

The refund will be transferred back to your original account if payment was made via Stripe or PayPal, otherwise, your money will be deposited in your CJ wallet for your next purchase.


II. Withdrawal

The withdrawal amount will be frozen once a withdrawal request is submitted.

Please be reminded that a 3% commission will be charged for your withdrawal.

EUR and USD are the only 2 currencies supported by CJ wallet at the moment, thus currency conversion fee will be involved in the process of top-up and withdrawal if your account is settled in a currency other than the 2 mentioned above, while the commission rate may vary from different bank systems. 

It is recommended that you can keep your credit in your CJ wallet for your next purchase or contact your bank for a USD or EUR account to avoid a currency conversion fee.

CJ will process your withdrawal request within 3 working days before your money be transferred to your account, it might take up to 5 days for certain banks to process the transaction after that.

Please feel free to submit a ticket, write to customer support, or consult an online agent in our chatroom for any further questions.