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Declaration with IOSS

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Date Created: Jun. 23, 2021 13:23:03 Last Edited: Mar. 06, 2024 11:41:50

From July 1, 2021, customs regulations have changed and any shipment from a country outside the European Union is now subject to VAT and customs duties


To facilitate the delivery process of parcels to EU countries, CJ has enabled IOSS Declaration options in Profile > IOSS Setting including:

1. Declaration Amount;

2. Declaration Options:

  • Declaration with no IOSS;
  • Declaration with my own IOSS;
  • Declaration with CJ's IOSS.

3. Sync IOSS Setting.


1. Declaration Amount;

You may either declare by Store Order Amount or CJ Order Amount for different countries by clicking "Action > Edit Countries"

Store Order Amount: Your store order amount (if available) will be declared, otherwise, CJ order amount will be declared. The recipient will be required to pay VAT for orders valued above €150.

CJ Order Amount: CJ order amount will be declared. The recipient will be required to pay VAT for orders valued above €150.


2. Declaration Options.

a. Declaration with no IOSS.

The recipient will be required to pay VAT to complete customs clearance, otherwise, the parcel will be detained or destructed by the customs. This option is recommended for CJ users who have a low margin on their product prices.

b. Declaration with my own IOSS.

If you have your own IOSS ID, you can link it to your CJ account in Profile > IOSS Setting > Add IOSS. We highly recommend you declare with your own IOSS which is valid and is linked to the destination country in the EU.

*VAT upon declaration will be settled with your IOSS ID, in this case, please take potential VAT required into consideration regarding pricing in your store.


c. Declaration with CJ's IOSS.

If you are not from an EU country or simply don't have your own IOSS, you can declare with CJ's IOSS ID after editing the countries under IOSS Option > Declare with CJ's IOSS. 

CJ's IOSS ID will not be applicable for orders valued above €150.

*For regular orders, you will need to pay the VAT and IOSS handling fee (VAT*3%) if you declare with CJ’s IOSS ID when you submit orders on CJ. You can also view the order details below after payment.


3. Sync IOSS Setting.

When you place orders manually or import orders by Excel and don't fill in the IOSS number, it will be applied as your setting in My CJ > Profile. If you want to change it, you can change the setting in Profile and click "IOSS Setting" to make it.


Please do not hesitate to consult an online agent in the chatroom if you have any questions.