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How do CJ Warehouses Fulfill Your Orders?

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Date Created: Jun. 25, 2021 17:30:26 Last Edited: Jul. 04, 2022 15:17:33

As a dropshipper, you may feel curious about how your orders will be processed in CJ’s warehouse. In this article, we will clarify the whole procedure that orders will experience in our warehouses.

Here are the general steps of fulfilling orders in CJs warehouse:

1. Ensuring the inventory of the corresponding products and picking them out;

2. Inspecting the products;

3. Packing the products and measuring the gross weight;

4. Sorting;

5. Labeling and sending the parcels to the waiting area for carriers’ fetching.


Detailed steps:

1. Ensuring stock.

When receiving orders from our customers, there could be 2 scenarios: the products of the orders are in stock or out of stock.

Scenario 1: In stock.

In this case, we will go to our storage section to pick the products out. Since every product is well organized by category and stored on shelves, we just need to scan the bar codes of the specific order to know the exact locations of them, which is very effective and time-saving.


Scenario 2: Out of stock.

What if we find that the products are running out of stock in our warehouse? In this case, a purchasing list will be sent to our procurement staff stating what they need to purchase. According to the list, they will place an order with local manufacturers and wait for the goods to arrive at CJ’s warehouse.

The following are the procedures that our warehouse will go through after the recipient of the parcels from our suppliers:

a. Receiving goods from our suppliers: After 1-3 days (the actual time depends on how far the manufacturer is located), a bunch of packages will arrive at the recipient area in CJ’s warehouse. After confirming that the basic conditions of the parcels are good, our staff will give them bar codes and send them to the quality inspection department.


b. Inspection: As part of our services, we will inspect every product before dispatching (We may charge a manual fee accordingly included in the total dropshipping fee). Through scanning the bar codes, our inspectors will check if the goods are correct by the detail of color, size, function, etc shown on our system. Then, they will inspect the products thoroughly according to the product descriptions. Usually, there will be 2 rounds of quality inspection in case the products are inferior.

c. Weight measurement: After inspection, the products will be handed to the next process - weight measurement. By placing the products on a scale, we will know their gross weight. This step will help us estimate the shipping cost of the corresponding products more accurately.


d. Stock in: After the products passed all the inspections, they can be stored on the shelves with other products. By scanning the bar codes on the products, we will know where they should be stored. Then we will go to find the right shelves and scan both bar codes on the products and the shelves to record that the products are stocked.


2. Products inspection

After the products are picked out from the shelves, they would be sent for inspection. In this step, our inspectors will scan the bar codes on the products again to obtain all the order information and make sure the products are the correct ones. Then, our staff will print out the shipping labels and pack products inside by shipping bags. After pasting shipping labels on the parcels, the products would be sent to the next process--packing.


3. Packing

As for different types of products, the packing method varies. We have packaging material such as plastic bags (usually for clothing and normal small items), cartons, etc. Regarding delicate products, we will add bubble film (column) or foam in case of damage during long-distance transportation.


4. Sorting out

Before we sort the parcels, our staff will place them one by one on a scale and double-check the weight and size of the parcels. Moreover, our scale will automatically measure the parcel and compare the actual gross weight with the weight by which we charge the customers (tolerance of 50g is acceptable). Every parcel will go through this step, and then they will be placed in different baskets sorted by different logistic providers.


5. Labeling and sending to the waiting area

The parcels in the baskets will then be placed in giant transport cartons.  After that, we will put shipping labels that include the information of every parcel onto the giant carton. It will make sure that logistic providers won’t lose the boxes and have them safely passed every transit. 


Finally, the cartons will be conveyed to the waiting area for carriers’ fetching.


Every day, a mountain of products are well packed in the waiting area, awaiting carriers to pick them up and ship them worldwide. Eventually, they arrive at their respective destinations and are received by the buyers.

Note: All products shipped from CJ will undergo a quality inspection in our warehouse before shipment. For products purchased on CJ, we offer free quality check services. For service products and products shipped from other suppliers to CJ warehouse by clients, we have to charge quality inspection fees.

That is just what CJ pursues: dropshipping from worldwide to worldwide and we continuously looking for more satisfaction from customers. 

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