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How to List CJ Products to Shoplazza?

529 4 mins article
Date Created: Aug. 04, 2021 23:01:27 Last Edited: Mar. 06, 2024 11:36:31

This tutorial is for those Shoplazza users who have already connected the stores with CJ. 

Since now you have CJ as your dropshipping partner, you could list the products from CJ to your store, and use our shipping methods to send out your orders.

The main steps of listing are like:

1. Authorize your Shoplazza store; 

2. Select a product on CJ;

3. Enter the necessary information > List it Now.


Specific instructions:

1. Authorize your Shoplazza store.


2. Select a product on CJ.


3. Enter the necessary information > List it Now.

By the listing function, you could find this product display in your store. After clicking "List it Now", you could adjust the product information like the product tags and set your store price.


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