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Regular Listing Failures in Etsy and Suggestions

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Date Created: Aug. 16, 2021 16:54:04 Last Edited: Aug. 18, 2023 09:16:52


Before CJ products can be listed in your Etsy store successfully, certain requirements have to be met.

Below are some regular examples and suggestions for your references, if you failed to list them in Etsy.



1. Your Etsy store status is 'Draft';

2. 400: Shops cannot create Listings in languages;

3. Authorization unavailable due to disconnection of CSHIP app;

4. Exceeding the limit of uploading product images;

5. Payment template unavailable;

6. Variants restriction.

7. Invalid  ZIP code.

8. "Variants with three or more attributes(color, size, etc.) cannot be listed due to the restriction of etsy."

9. 400: This Etsy shop is suspended

10. “invalid zip code" or ”Incorrect shipping template. Please check it in your store before listing again."

11. "Create platform product failed [Cause: Error: Request failed with status code 400]”



1. Please ensure that your Etsy store status is 'Active' before listing products. 

2. Please contact Etsy to change your default shop language to English. You may refer to this tutorial.

3. You will not be able to list products from CJ to your Etsy store if you have disconnected the CShip app from your Etsy admin. Please ensure CShip is connected. If you have accidentally deleted CShip, please re-authorize your store in My CJ > Authorization > Etsy


4. You can only upload 5 images at most as restricted by Etsy, so please make sure that you do not exceed the limit. 

5. Modify your payment gateway in the Etsy management center.

6. A single variant can but contain two attributes. Therefore, please reduce attributes to less than three kinds for each variant.

7. Please refer to this tutorial for detailed steps.

8. Products containing three attributes cannot be listed to Etsy. You may manually create them on your store.

9. Please contact Etsy support.

10. Please refer to this tutorial to update your shipping profile in Etsy store before listing.

11. Please reauthorize your store.


Do not hesitate to consult in the chatroom if you have any further questions.