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An Introduction to Coupons & Cards

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Date Created: Aug. 25, 2021 14:16:39 Last Edited: Mar. 06, 2024 11:50:20

CJ always attaches great importance to our customer's experience on our platform and will keep making improvements for the benefit of our customers, which is partially the reason why we dole out coupons for each of our newly-registered customers.

Coupons and Cards are both considered two of the benefits that CJ offers to our customers to minimize the costs.

In CJ, Coupons can be regarded as a discount, normally for 5 percent, while Cards a gift card which usually would be given to our highly-committed customers, ranging from 1$-5000$.

You can check your coupons and cards, Gift Card number, Redeem Code in Dashboard > Coupons and Cards.

In the following part, this article will teach you how to use them:

For Coupons:

1. Store Orders > Imported > Orders > Choose an order > Add it to Orders Picking;

2. Order confirmation > Choose a valid coupon.

For Cards:

1. Wallet > Top up with gift card 

2. Input Gift Card Number and Redeem Code.


For coupons:

1. After going to Orders and choosing an order, you can add it to the cart.


2. After checking the order information in the cart, you can use a valid coupon directly to deduct the total cost. 


Special notes should be given as follow:

1. Coupons can not be combined with other discounts, and are only deducted from the original product price.

2. Only one coupon can be used for a single CJ order.

3. When multiple coupons qualify for one bulk order at the same time, the system defaults to select the one with the highest discount, which can be replaced at the check-out page.

4. The coupons support ordinary products and dropshipping orders only, not applicable to other types of orders.

5. Coupons do not apply to the following product: supplier products, combination products, video products, service products, POD products, and virtual products.

6. The coupons are not limited to the categories, and the deduction amount is equally distributed to the products of the sub-order.

7. Customers in the blocklist cannot use coupons.

8. For refunds and disputes on orders using coupons, only the actual paid amount will be eligible for a refund, not including the value of coupons.


For cards:

1. You have to go to your wallet to top-up with gift card before going on to the payment. Unlike coupons, the gift card’s amount will be added to your CJ wallet so that you can directly pay your orders using account balance.


2. You should input Gift Card number and Redeem Code.


Special notes should be given as follow:

1. Gift cards are for CJ wallet top-up only. Credit from gift cards can only be used for order payment and cannot be withdrawn.

2. Each gift card can only be used once.

3. Credit cannot be redeemed after the date of expiry.

4. Credit from Gift Card will not be included in the top-up bonus plan.

If you have any more doubts, you can turn to our online agent.

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