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A Guidance to Official Non-Delivery Proof Application

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Date Created: Aug. 31, 2021 13:59:40 Last Edited: Nov. 10, 2021 09:36:15

CJ always attaches great importance to our customer's experience on our platform and will keep making improvements for the benefit of our customers. After-sales service, as a vital part of our business, is by no means neglectable.

As with our Refund, Resend, and Returns policy, in opening a dispute for refund or resent out of package not received while it is marked as "Delivered" on the shipping tracking websites, such as CJPacket, we require the official non-delivery proof from the local post, but a great many customers have no idea of how to apply one. Thus this tutorial.

In the following part, this article will give you guidance on how to obtain official non-delivery proof.

Here are two ways:

1. Calling local post;

2. Sending an E-mail to the local post web.


1. Here we take USPS post as an example. Usually, in negotiating a dispute, we will send you the local tracking number and the phone number of the local post so that you can ask for the official non-delivery proof. Attached below is a model:


2. You can also go to the USPS web to require one in PDF. 


Note: if your customer lives not far from the local post, he/she can also get the official non-delivery proof in person.

If you have more questions, please turn to our online agent.