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A Guidance to Magento Connection

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Date Created: Sep. 08, 2021 11:22:14 Last Edited: Mar. 06, 2024 11:26:59

As of 8th Sep, one more platform-Magento is compatible with CJ, by which CJ makes it easier for you to import orders after authorization.

The following article will teach you how to connect your Magento store with CJ:

Here are general steps:

1. Go to My CJ > Authorization > Magento;

2. Add Store;

3. Enter store information > Connect Magento;

4. Check your store authorization.


1. Go to Authorization > Magento.

2. Add Store.

3. Enter store information > Connect Magento;  

An URL example: https://*************.com/.


4. Check your store authorization.

After connecting successfully, you could list or connect products from CJ so that we can automatically import your orders, sparing you from doing it manually.

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