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Global Warehouses

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Date Created: Dec. 04, 2020 14:45:59 Last Edited: Mar. 06, 2024 11:44:16

CJ is always devoted to offering global products source and warehouses for dropshippers. Meanwhile, more and more warehouses have cooperated with CJ. They are known as CJ Supplier Warehouses. Let's have a brief introduction to them.

Here are the main points:

1. How many warehouses does CJ have?

2. What are the advantages of CJ Supplier Warehouses?

3. How to find products in CJ Supplier Warehouses?


1. There are 8 warehouses for you. Respectively, they are US Warehouse, Germany Warehouse, Australia Warehouse, Canada Warehouse, Britain Warehouse, France Warehouse, Italy Warehouse and Poland Warehouse.

More warehouses are coming!


2. Products in CJ supplier warehouse are supposed to be free-shipping and delivered in one week. More importantly, the shipping label is not in Chinese. In other words, they are local shipping labels. It can solve the shipping label issue. Besides, you can choose high-value products and big-size products, too.

3. Take the US warehouse as an example. 

a. Choose US Warehouse on CJ Homepage.


b. Filter by free shipping. Then, you will see all supplier products in the US.

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