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How to Fix the Orders Failing to Import to CJ?

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Date Created: Dec. 29, 2020 19:56:33 Last Edited: Mar. 06, 2024 11:11:56

Orders that failed to be synced will be found in Failed Orders . Below are the possible reasons and corresponding solutions.


1. Possible reasons: 

a. The product is not added to My Products.

b. The variant's SKU is missing.

c. SKU or Recipient information is missing or invalid when you try to import orders in excel.

d. System Unknown Reason.

e. Address incorrect: the City and Province are the same; Country cannot be found.


2. Possible solutions:

a. Add the product to My Products.

b. Modify the SKU in your Excel before importing again.

c. Modify the information manually.

d. Import again or contact your agent for help.

e. Fill in the correct address: make the City and Province different, or delete one if it is not necessary; Country codes should be consistent with the system, for example, we use GB for Britain but not UK.


3. Specific procedures:

You can click the icon to manage the failed orders on the Orders page.  


The reasons and solutions for failed orders will be outlined on the Failed Orders page.

a. The product is not added to My Products..

You can click the Add to My Products in green to update the order.

b. The variant's SKU is missing.

In this case, the order will not be imported even when the product has already been added to your SKU List. 

Please ensure that the corresponding variant's SKU is added in the Excel to avoid such errors.

For example, instead of entering the SKU without selecting the variant (even when there is only one variant):


Please enter the full SKU of the corresponding variant, after selecting all the attributes such as color, style, etc.



And Import Excel again.


c. SKU or Recipient information is missing or invalid.

If you find the notification shows 'Excel Data Error', please click the Modify button to complete the information and then click Update.


Then you can find it in Orders and add it to the Orders Picking to fulfill the order.


d. System Unknown Reason.

If you find the reason shows System Unknown Reason, please click 'Update'. Then the order will be updated.


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