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How to Use CJ Google Chrome Extension for 1688, Taobao Dropshipping?

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Date Created: Dec. 29, 2020 19:28:54 Last Edited: Mar. 06, 2024 11:43:49

Dropshipping out of AliExpress is your smart action when you plan to switch to 1688 or Taobao, for they are much cheaper. More importantly, both 1688 and Taobao are Chinese sites and they do not sell overseas.

So, how can you get through this situation?

——Using CJ Chrome Extension

The following parts of this article will include:

1. Installation;

2. Registration/Login;

3. Post sourcing request;

4. Check sourcing status.


1. Installation.

There are two ways to install CJDropshipping Extension in Google Chrome:

a) Install the extension from Google Web Store.

b) Visit CJ and click "Source More > Go To 1688/Go To Taobao/Go To AliExpress." Then you will see a popup,  just proceed to install the extension as it requires. 

2. Registration/Login.

To enable the extension, you also need to sign in to the extension additionally by clicking its icon and then entering your CJ username and password. If you don't have one, please register here.

3. Post sourcing request.

Click "Go To 1688/Taobao/AliExpress/eBay" to search the products.

After finding an attractive item in 1688/Taobao/AliExpress/eBay, you can click the icon at the bottom right corner of this item to send us your sourcing request. We will get back to you with detailed information at your earliest convenience. 

*Please learn about your sourcing request limits in Service > Sourcing.


4. Check sourcing status.

After posting your sourcing request, you can either click  "Service > Sourcing" to view its status.

A list of your sourcing requests with their status will be presented. You can filter by sourcing type or sourcing status. For successful sourcing, you can click "View Details" to see its thorough information and list it to your store.

To order or purchase products from 1688, Taobao or AliExpress, please post a sourcing request first and wait for our quotation. If you are satisfied with it, please list it to your store for order fulfillment or place a manual order with us.
Possible problem in using CJ Google Chrome Extension: You're not login.
Please ensure that you have logged into your account.


Should you have any doubts about CJ or the extension, please feel free to contact our online support.