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Skyrocket your US TikTok Shop with CJdropshipping

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Date Created: Oct. 24, 2023 08:36:34 Last Edited: Feb. 01, 2024 11:00:47

If you are a TikTok US Shop seller who is planning to make money online, this tutorial page is just for you!



Grow your Business with TikTok ads Now


We're thrilled to announce that the TikTok Shop US has finally landed on CJdropshipping and it's time to skyrocket your sales! So no more waiting, check out these tips that we have prepared for you to sail your TikTok Shop business to a brand new level!


Before starting this journey, we would love to share a few tips that might help you in the long term:


1. According to TikTok Shop US's seller policy, only products stored in a US warehouse can be sold on TikTok Shop US. So, either stock up your own US warehouse with inventory or tap into CJ's massive selection of public inventory.


2. Connect your TikTok US shop to CJdropshipping will be as easy as 1-2-3 with everything seamlessly and automatically. Therefore just say bye to the frustrating Manual orders or Excel orders.


3. USPS+FOR TT-US and TikTok-US are the only shipping methods available for you on CJdropshipping. So make sure to select the appropriate shipping method to retain the late dispatch rate in your Shop's health at a low level and make the tracking number valid.


-For the product you want to be fulfilled by CJ, please select USPS+FOR TT-US for the shipping method.
-For the product you want to be fulfilled by TikTok, please select TikTok-US for the shipping method.


For further details, here is also the ultimate tutorial for your reference, please kindly check and you are all set to go!




With any uncertainty, please reach our customer support for further info.


Kick off your TikTok US Shop Project with CJ now!



Sell Big on TikTok Shop with CJdropshipping


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