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1. Dual spray cooling: The air conditioner fan has a dual spray cooling feature, which effectively lowers the temperature in the room by spraying fine mist while providing a cool breeze. This helps create a comfortable and refreshing environment.
2. Electric fan with air cooler: The product combines the functionality of an electric fan and an air cooler. It not only circulates the air in the room but also cools it down through the refrigeration process. This makes it suitable for both cooling and ventilation purposes.
3. USB portable: The air conditioner fan can be powered through a USB connection, making it highly portable. It can be easily connected to a power bank, laptop, or any other USB-enabled device, allowing you to use it anywhere, whether at home, office, or even outdoors.
4. Large capacity: The product features a large capacity, ensuring longer usage time without the need for frequent refills. With its larger water tank or ice box, it can provide continuous cooling for extended periods, reducing the hassle of frequent maintenance.
5. Suitable for home use: Designed specifically for home use, this air conditioner fan is compact and lightweight, making it easy to place and move around in different rooms. It offers a convenient cooling solution for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, or any other area of your home.

Product Information:
Power type: USB
Noise: below 36dB
Color: 5th generation Supreme double atomization ice box
Rated Voltage: 5
Air supply method: No page-turning, no shaking head
Rated Power: 12
Operation mode: Mechanical
Timing function: no timing
Reservoir fluid capacity: less than 1 liter
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Fan Speed Mode: 3 gears

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New Style Air Cooler Desktop Air Conditioner Fan Dual Spray Cooling Electric Fan Air Cooler USB Portable Refrigeration

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