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Plastic, Others
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Ordinary, Oversize
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135*135*85(1mm); 280*150*120(1mm); 280*150*240(1mm); 280*150*360(1mm); 380*150*120(1mm); 135*135*118(1mm); 135*135*236(1mm); 135*135*354(1mm)

Unique 15° Tilted elevated design so as to reduce the pet's neck burden
Made of ABS+PC+Plastic, Safe,eco-friendly, environmental.
Durable/washable/portable/practical,Light and easy to clean.
Bowl and base stand an be take apart.Perfect for your pets food & water.not easy to overturn.
Suitable for dogs, cats, puppies and other small animal.

Material: Plastic
Complete automatic feeding: Yes
Product No.: Cat head transparent double bowl
Color: Transparent cat head bowl
Easy to clean transparent bowl: For dogs and cats
Transparent bowl of cat's head and ears: Environmentally friendly food-grade material
Oblique opening 15 ° neck protection design: Adjustable transparent double bowl

Package Content :
1 Piece Pet Bowl or 2
1 Piece Base Stand

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Non Slip Double Cat Bowl With Raised Stand Pet Food Cat Feeder Protect Cervical Vertebra Dog Bowl Transparent Pet Products

SPU: CJMY1228721
RRP $1.64-45.27 (Estimated Profit 1044%)
  • 4foot single bowl box
  • Black double bowl A and box
  • Black transparent and box
  • Black transparent and box2pcs
  • Black transparent and box3pcs
  • Black white and box
  • Double black and box
  • Double black white and box
  • Double bowl box
  • Double transparent and box
  • Double transparent and box2pcs
  • Double transparent and box3pcs
  • Double white and box
  • Single black and box
  • Single clear pink
  • Single clear white and box
  • Single transparent and box
  • Single transparent shelf2pcs
  • Single transparent shelf3pcs
  • Single transparent with shelf
  • Single white and box
  • Transparent white and box
  • Two clear pink
  • Two white and box
  • U bottom single bowl box
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