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Battery Contains
Package Size
32*64*163(1mm); 75*42*165(1mm); 40*72*168(1mm)


1. This handheld mist fan perfectly combines the two functions of mist and fan. Whether it is a hot summer day or a dry environment, it can bring you cool breeze and moist water mist, allowing you to enjoy an all-round comfortable experience. 

2. The mist fan uses advanced water molecule atomization technology to refine and evenly diffuse water molecules into the air, effectively humidifying the air so you can feel hydrated and comfortable all day long.

3. This mist fan provides four wind speed options, from gentle first speed to powerful fourth speed. You can adjust the wind speed according to your personal needs and enjoy the most comfortable wind.

4. The transparent water tank design allows you to clearly see the water volume, making it easy to add water in time when the water volume decreases, ensuring a long-lasting and fresh humidification effect.

5. This handheld mist fan has a compact size and excellent battery life. It can be used for up to 12 hours, allowing you to spend a pleasant summer.

6. The lightweight and compact design makes the fan easy to carry, making it your indispensable summer cooling partner whether during commuting, outdoor picnics or gatherings with friends.

Product information:
Noise: 45-50dB (included)
Power type: lithium battery
Color: F2 spray fan (black),F2 spray fan (white),F2 spray fan (pink),F2 spray fan (green),F3 spray fan (black), f3 spray fan (white),F3 spray fan (pink),F4 spray fan (black),F4 spray fan (white),F4 spray fan (pink), f4 spray fan (purple),F6 spray fan (black),F6 spray fan (white),F6 spray fan (pink),F6 spray fan (green)
With USB or not: Yes
Motor type: brushed motor
Fan blade material: Plastic
Additional function: spray hanging neck folding
Number of blades: 6 or more
Operation mode: normal button
Applicable occasions for gifts: points exchange gifts, Universal, Mother's Day, gifts, outdoor sports, outdoor leisure, welfare gifts, festival gifts, employee benefits, any occasion, Opening Ceremony, public relations gifts
Size: hand-held spray fan
Fan Speed Mode: 4th gear
Style: modern simplicity

Packing list:
1*Plastic Spraying Fan
Product Image:

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Portable Handheld Spray Fan 4-Speed Water Spray Mist Fan Summer Cooling Artifact USB Charging Summer Supplies Outdoor Mini Fan

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  • Hand held Spray Fan
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