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100*100*50(1mm); 100*100*100(1mm)


Grabs dust, dirt and oil from any hard surface and leave a streak free shine in one pass without the use of chemicals. WILL LAST FOR YEARS This cleaning product was built to be used over and over without deteriorating or losing effectiveness.

[No Leftover Streaks] Microfiber is great for removing debris from your mirrors and windows, without scratching your surface. Use for glass, windows, mirrors, car windshields, and stainless steel etc. 

[No Lint] The microfiber cloths are tightly woven to prevent them from leaving lint! Use them to dry on your mirrors and windows to absorb the water, and buff out those lingering streaks. Use them on any smooth nonporous surface! 

[Good Water Absorption] Super good water absorption, use this cleaning cloth to wipe the glass without leaving unsightly water marks, and easily get a clean mirror without marks. 

[No Complex Usage Steps] Just wet, wipe away, rinse and reuse. without any complicated steps, you can use it to clean anywhere you want. It can be used wet or dry, just as you would normally use it for cleaning. 

[Multiple Purposes Wide Range] Clean glass, car, floor, furniture, electrical appliances, etc. No More Tissue, Newspaper, Or Old Rags Clean like a pro and choose microfiber! These microfiber cloths are used and loved by professional cleaners to clean and dry on glass, meaning you are gonna love them too! Microfiber is great for removing debris on glass without scratching and buffing out any remaining streaks. Plus they are machine washable and stay effective through hundreds of launderings.


Material: sea island silk
Type: car wipes
Name: Magic glass cloth small black cloth
Type: car wipes

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Thickened Magic Cleaning Cloth Microfiber Surface Instant Polishing Household Cleaning Cloth For Glass Windows Mirrors Car Kitchen Gadgets

RRP $3.10-53.72 (Estimated Profit 1424%)
  • 30x30cm
  • 20X30cm
  • 30x30cm 2pcs
  • 30x40cm 2pcs
  • 20x30cm10pcs
  • 20x30cm30pcs
  • 30x30cm10pcs
  • 30x30cm30pcs
  • 30x30cm5pcs
  • 30x40cm
  • 40x50cm
  • 50x80cm
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