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How to Set Corresponding Shipping Methods for Shopify Store?

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Date Created: Jun. 01, 2021 16:19:20 Last Edited: Mar. 06, 2024 11:40:44

A more intuitive shipping methods setup interface is now available in Authorization > Shopify, Shopify users can now set up corresponding shipping methods in the following steps.

1. Store authorization and contact your agent to enable this feature;

2. Go to Authorization > Shopify > Action > Shipping Method Settings;

3. Enter your Shopify rate name and Select a corresponding shipping method on CJ.

Detailed Steps:

1. Store authorization is required before you can set up corresponding shipping methods for your Shopify orders. You may also need to contact your agent to enable this feature and continue.

2. Go to Authorization > Shopify > Action > Shipping Method Settings.


3. Enter the rate name in your Shopify store before selecting a corresponding shipping method provided by CJ.

Please make sure you have entered the correct shipping method as any typing errors including special characters, capital letter/lowercase will result in failure in identification by the system. You can add up to 50 corresponding shipping methods

For shipping time & cost upon destination & product attributes and available shipping methods in different destination countries, please refer to the shipping calculator.


Once set up, your parcel will be delivered via the corresponding shipping method if it is available in the destination country. To avoid any misunderstanding, you might wanna set up a delivery policy for your customer and a shipping formula in your Shopify store.

2In case the corresponding shipping method is not available in the destination country, you can set up the default shipping method precedence for store, product, or order in Profile > Default Shipping Method Settings.


Please do not hesitate to consult an online agent in the chatroom if you have any questions.