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Product Attributes
Battery Contains
Package Size
265*95*65(1mm); 280*100*80(1mm); 400*235*325(1mm); 265*150*150(1mm); 265*200*150(1mm); 265*200*200(1mm); 265*250*250(1mm)


The material is brignt and would never wither.

Suitable for valentines' day, birthday day, as a gift for girlfrind or wife.

Beautiful design and a good choice as gift.

The product is a handicraft, the flower is very light, not easy to fold, and does not 



Material: plastic flower

Craft: handmade 

Type: Bouquet

Variety: Rose 

Gift box size: 27 × 10 × 7cm

Tote bag: 30cm long

Package Content:

1 x flower set, 1 x gift box, 1 x bag

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Preorder Inventory

24K Luminous Color Gold Rose Flower Set

RRP $0.77-81.25 (Estimated Profit 1215%)
  • Base and light
  • Base and light 12pcs
  • Base and light X2
  • Base and light X3
  • Base no light
  • Base no loghtX2
  • Base no loghtX3
  • Blue nude flower
  • Blue purple gift
  • Color nude flower
  • Gold blue pack
  • Gold naked flower
  • Gold pink pack
  • Gold pink pack A
  • Gold purple gift
  • Gold purple gift with base
  • LOVE base
  • Lamp Color nude flower
  • Lamp gold blue pack
  • Lamp gold pink pack
  • No Light
  • No base no light
  • No base no lightX2
  • No base no lightX3
  • No base no lightX4
  • No base no lightX5
  • No base with light
  • No base with lightX2
  • No base with lightX3
  • No base with lightX4
  • No base with lightX5
  • Purple naked flower
  • Purple purple gift
  • Purple purple gift with base
  • Red naked flower
  • Red purple gift
  • Red purple gift with base
  • Remote Control Switch
  • Rose red nude flower
  • Rose red purple gift
  • Rose red purple gift with base
  • Shock gold blue pack
  • Shock gold pink pack
  • Vibration Swith
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