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Material: Glass

Package Size:

310 x 135 x 30 mm

INNOVATIVE DESIGN - our glass straws are uniquely curved and designed like a flute to reduce the potential for wrinkles compared to normal straws. Also great for keeping lips straight for post-lip filling or Botox injections. Our anti-wrinkle straws promote a healthier, more youthful appearance with every sip.
PREMIUM QUALITY - Our glass drinking straws are made of durable, reusable, and environmentally friendly glass, ensuring you can sip worry-free.
EASY TO CLEAN - Our glass drinking straws come with a convenient cleaning brush, making maintenance simple and hassle-free. Enjoy your favorite beverages time and again with a straw that's always clean and ready.
PERFECT GIFT - Packaged in an elegant box, Our straws make the perfect gift for loved ones who enjoy their beverages in style. Share the less traveled path to help your skin with this thoughtful, unique gift.
ECO-FRIENDLY - By choosing Our reusable straws, you're contributing to a healthier planet. Our straws are a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic straws, making them an excellent choice for eco-conscious individuals.

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Anti Wrinkle Straw - Glass Anti-wrinkle Drinking Straws, Clear Reusable Straws With Cleaning Brush - Eco-Friendly Alternative To Plastic - Cleaning Brush Included - 2 Pack

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