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It can also be called a dual-purpose needle. When threading the upper hole, just pull it out from the tail. A line can be inserted into the lower hole.
There are two stitches per stitch, and the thread can be drawn from the tail.
This blind needle has a gold tail and a silver tail. Which one to send at the scene, no one can choose.
The needles used in the past were troublesome, troublesome, and I didn’t wear well...
This automatic hand sewing needle solves the problem of poor eyesight, and the troubles of DIY craftsmen who like DIY craftsmen can be easily threaded.
Let all the old mothers thread them, then put on heavy reading glasses and thread them easily. It is simple and easy to use! The blind can also stuff the thread into the small pinhole, which is amazing. ^_^
Even if you can't see the blind, you can still touch the wire.
Never worry about wearing needles anymore


➤This automatic threading needle set can help people with poor eyesight, and DIY enthusiasts can also easily thread.
➤This sewing needle set is suitable for leather, denim, silk, canvas, cotton, etc.
➤It is an ideal choice for elderly families.
➤The needle is small and exquisite, with good rigidity.
➤Suitable for delicate manual work.
➤Various steel needles can meet different manual requirements.
➤ Suitable for embroidery, sewing, repair and other work.


Baby specifications: box width=7.5cm length=12.8cm
Different models and specifications: 36MM=4 pieces 38MM=4 pieces 42MM=4 pieces
Practical blind needle, needleless needle
12 packs, the longest is about 4.2cm, the shortest is about 3.6cm
The data such as product size and weight are all manually measured and are for reference only. The error is about ±1cm.

Package Contents:
1 x pin

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Blind Needle Without Threading

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