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Product Attributes
Package Size
190*110*58(1mm); 50*50*97(1mm)

Product information:
Style: 45 degree knives 1/2*2-3/4
The tight mitered joint is a symbol of fine woodwork. They show many details that woodworkers and carpenters can't even create.
This 45° locking miter drill allows you to create beautiful, interlocking fingers that provide powerful mechanical locking. It blends frames, cabinets, wardrobes, tables, etc. more perfectly. In addition, it makes any future editing easier!
The blades are made of high grade alloys with high precision to ensure a reasonable cutting angle. There is a strong corner joint that slides out of the joint without any tendency to clamp under pressure, and the wedge-shaped jaws tighten very well.
Designed for router benchtop or benchtop wood engraving machines, such as CNC handheld and desktop portable routers, not for electric drills and drills. With its ultra-sharp blades, it can cut and engrave many different types of materials, including solid wood, MDF, MDF, particleboard, plywood and more.

Name: 3-piece set of 45 degree mortise and tenon cutters
Packaging: Plastic box
Material: YG6 alloy blade, 45 # carbon steel blade body, surface spray plastic
Packaging size: 50mm * 50mm * 97mm, 3-piece set of 50mm * 97mm * 178mm
Weight: 88g+158g+354g, 3-piece set of 600g
Usage: Used for grooving, tenoning, and splicing of wood

Style 1: 3-set with wooden box
Style 2: 1/2x1-3/8
Style 3: 1/2 * 2
Style 4: 1/2 * 2-3/4

Packing list:

Engraving tool * 1/*3

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Engraving Machine Tool Wood Milling Cutter 45 Degree Tenon Joint Panel

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