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Fat belly, thick legs, thick arms, fat back... Maybe you have tried many methods to lose weight , but it's always difficult. That's because you haven't fundamentally improved your fat-prone constitution. If the meridians are blocked and the body is cold, it will be very difficult for you to lose weight.

Main Functions:

1.  Flatten the fat belly, slim the thick legs and arms, and change the fat back.At the same time it can firm the skin.

2. If you have neck pain or back pain, it is very helpful.

3. Effectively improve the neck lump, lymph nodes, and accessory breasts.

4. While slimming and beautifying the body, it helps to remove the dampness and coldness in the body, promotes circulation.

5. It can also be used for head massage.

 Main features:

 1. Powerful functions:

This meridian brush can reach a maximum temperature of 60 degrees, with red light, vibration, and micro-current three modes. These three modes can be used alone or in combination. Each mode has 25 level for adjustment. When using, you can adjust the appropriate level according to your needs.

2. Simple and convenient operation.

3. Smart body, easy to hold and carry.


1. Long press the power-on button for 3 seconds to turn on the machine.

2. When charging, it shows "L", and when fully charged, it shows "F".

3. In order to avoid overheating the skin, it is set to automatically power off every 20-30 minutes. Restart to continue using.

4. When cleaning after each use, do not wash with water, but wipe with cotton cloth dipped in clean water or household alcohol.

5. It is appropriate to use about 5 minutes for each part each time.

6. The micro-current and red light heat energy have 25 levels for adjustment.

7. It is more effective when used with heating essential oils.

8. Use it by brushing in one direction.


1. People with varicose veins, during pregnancy, and during menstruation are not suitable for use.

2. Do not use for a long time.

3. It is strictly prohibited for children to use.

4. Do not disassemble, modify, soak in water, or throw into the fire.

5. People who are not sensitive to heat are prohibited from using.

6. Do not use near the heart area.

7. Do not use a voltage other than DC5V for charging, and do not use while charging.

8. Do not use in a bathroom or other high-temperature places, and do not immerse in water or approach water sources.

9. Do not charge when there is a thunderstorm.

10. Do not charge for a long time.

11. Do not use strong acidic or strongly alkaline corrosive cleaners.

12. After use, place it in a safe, dry, and cool place.

13. If not used for a long time, store it after fully charging, and need to charge it once a month to avoid damaging the battery or shortening the service life.


After receiving the product, please charge it first. The product cannot be used while charging.

 The following people are prohibited from using:

1. People with skin diseases and skin allergies.

2. Pregnant women and those in the menstrual period.

3. People with heart disease.

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High-frequency Electric Meridian Brush Massage Instrument Multifunctional Hot Compresses

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