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Electronic, Oversize
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Product information :

Be careful:

Universal AC adapter voltage: 110-220V, 50/60Hz

Europe/South Korea/Brazil/Chile=EU plug,

USA/Canada/Mexico/Japan/Thailand=USA plug,

UK/Singapore=UK plug,

Australia/New Zealand=AU plug

Professional ultrasonic cleaner 42Khz:

Powerful ultrasound can easily remove dirt, dullness, and grime from valuable items. With a 360 degree thorough and deep cleaning, the cleaned jewelry will shine like new and will not damage your items.

99,99% clearance rate:

Equipped with 4 PC LED lights, the 5-minute regular mode and 10 minute pulse deep cleaning mode can eliminate 99.99% of dirt, making it more effective and complete, keeping your personal items such as dentures, jewelry, rings, watches, razors, makeup brushes, and toothbrushes as new every day. (Est EPA number 95585-CHN-1)

Material Science:

High end waterproof surface treatment ensures good touch and safety; 304 stainless steel storage tank material means excellent corrosion resistance.

Portable and easy to use:

One click start or pause, automatically cleaning your jewelry in 5 minutes. Mini size, easy to carry.

2 working modes:

(1) Ultrasound+UV for 5 minutes

(2) Pulse and ultraviolet radiation for 5 minutes+ultrasonic and ultraviolet radiation for 5 minutes


(1) Ultrasonic frequency ≥ 42KHZ, 360 ° all-round cleaning.

(2) Within the range of 260-280nm UV-C,

No need for disassembly and chemicals.

(3) 210ml capacity, used for cleaning dentures, keys, etc,

Jewelry, electronic brush heads, etc.

(4) 304 stainless steel tank.

(5) Anti UV leakage design, safe to use.

(6) CE FCC ROHS UKCA certification.


Packing list:
Cleaning machine * 1 set

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Household Ultrasonic Ultraviolet Cleaning Agent

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