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Product Attributes
Package Size
300*100*400(1mm); 390*130*40(1mm)


[Professional kitchen chef's knife]-Multifunctional kitchen knife can easily handle your daily kitchen work, cutting, cutting, cutting, cutting, cutting fruits, vegetables and various meats. The professional multifunctional household kitchen knife for you.
[Easy to use]-Very waterproof and non-slip. It has a perfect shape, can be cut easily and safely, and minimizes fatigue, numbness or pain after prolonged use.
[Super Forte Edge]-Japanese 67-layer super brocade steel, finely polished surface. Corrosion and corrosion resistance. The curved edges are sharper, more durable and sharper. It can be stabilized at 60±2 HRC, the vacuum heat treatment has high hardness and lasting transparency.
[Unique handle]-Unique rod-shaped design. striking. The surface is brighter and more comfortable. Ergonomics. The main handle materials are: imported resin, carefully selected colored wood, and decorated with double copper rings that do not rust.
Perfect] Gifts]-Can be given to relatives, friends, colleagues, and partners, and can write blessings on it. The thoughtful design and blessings will be remembered and moved forever.
A set of 7 pieces, great value for money. It will be a good helper for your kitchen.

Product information:

Material: Stainless steel
Specifications: Big kitchen knife, 9.5 inch cow knife, 8 inch chef knife, bread knife, three German knife, boning knife, universal knife, chef plus universal, three German plus universal, beef knife plus three German, 3 piece set, 4 Piece set, 5 piece set, 6 piece set, 7 piece set


This product is not suitable for bone cutting.

Package Content:

1*kitchen knives

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Kitchen Knife Set Chef's Knife Meat Chopping Knife

RRP $107.66-1499.33 (Estimated Profit 612%)
  • 3 piece set
  • 4 Piece set
  • 5 piece set
  • 6 piece set
  • 7 piece set
  • 8 inch chef knife
  • 9.5 inch cow knife
  • Beef knife plus three
  • Big kitchen knife
  • Boning knife
  • Bread knife
  • Chef plus universal
  • Chefs Knives and Bread Knives
  • SetA
  • SetB
  • Three German knife
  • Three German plus
  • Universal knife
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