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1. Exquisite Craftsmanship: Magnetic chess game is crafted with exquisite materials, both the chessboard and pieces boast an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Meticulously polished, they exude a sense of high quality. Not only does this design enhance the visual enjoyment of the game, but it also adds value as a collectible item.
2. Magnetic Design: The magnetic chess game features a magnetic effect design, creating a strong bond between the pieces and the board. The magnets ensure the stability of the pieces during movement, preventing them from falling or being displaced. Enjoy a more secure and immersive gaming experience.
3. Versatile Gameplay: With multiple game modes, the magnetic chess game is suitable for both children's educational play and adult tabletop entertainment. Kids can enhance their thinking, decision-making, and strategic planning skills through gameplay. Meanwhile, adult players can enjoy the challenges and excitement it offers.
4. Family Bonding: The educational checkers game is perfect for bonding moments among family members. Parents can join their children in playing, providing opportunities for educational guidance and interactive family time. Strengthen the parent-child relationship and create lasting memories together.
5. Educational and Intellectual Development: A portable chess board promotes logical thinking, reasoning abilities, and concentration in children. They analyze situations, anticipate their opponent's moves, and make optimal decisions. This puzzle game enhances their intelligence and learning abilities.

Product information:
Ability Training: Listening
Color: rope type, sponge type
Features: Game
Material: Magnet/sponge

Packing list:
Color Box*1 Game Rope*1 Magnet*24 Storage Bag*1 Instruction Manual*1/Color Box*1 Sponge*1 Magnet*20 Storage Bag*1 Instruction Manual*1 Game Rope*1

Product Image:

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Magnetic Chess Game Magnet Stone Board Game Set Toy For Children Educational Battle Game Christmas Gift

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