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150*70*46(1mm); 200*150*90(1mm); 150*70*69(1mm); 150*70*92(1mm); 150*70*90(1mm); 150*70*115(1mm); 150*70*138(1mm); 150*70*184(1mm); 300*250*100(1mm); 150*70*23(1mm); 510*130*80(1mm); 510*130*120(1mm); 510*130*160(1mm); 200*100*100(1mm)


You only need to massage for 15 minutes a day. With your accompanying masseur, the operation is simple, compact and portable, and you can massage at will.
Simulate 6 massage techniques, acupuncture massage, scraping massage, kneading massage, pushing massage, acupressure massage, elbow massage.
Freely adjust the massage intensity, through the setting mode, the massage intensity, the massage intensity has 6 levels, which can be adjusted according to your own comfort.
TENS micro-electric pulse massage uses bionic micro-current pulse simulation massage to relieve muscle discomfort, continuously and gently stimulates neuromuscular nuclear cells, activates muscle vitality, and achieves a soothing effect.
Mini body, portable, the host diameter is only 5.7cm, the thickness is only 1.8cm, the mini size can be carried with shoelaces, travel, travel, home and home make massage easier.

Product information:

Applicable parts: whole body
The diameter of the host is only 5.7cm and the thickness is 1.8cm.
Simulate 6 massage techniques
The massage patch can be replaced, power-off protection, automatic shutdown function, working light prompt
Usage mode: A~F (6 modes are optional)
Gear position: 1~10 (10 gear positions are adjustable)
Frequency: 1~100Hz
Automatic shutdown: 12 minutes
Output current: 9.8mA maximum
Massage area: neck/back/waist/buttocks//hands/legs
Battery type energy: two AAA batteries [not included]

Packing list:

Battery products include: main unit + massage sticker + manual + color box.
Rechargeable products include: host + USB charging cable + massage sticker + manual + color box.

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Mini Neck Massager Cervical Vertebra Massager Adjustable Portable Shoulder Back Massager For Arms Neck Shoulder Back

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