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Package Size
220*150*30(1mm); 250*200*30(1mm)


  • What These Do: Faster Healing time and pain free mobility. Specifically designed for the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis while relaxing or being active. These greatly help align the foots roll during motion (Pronation and Supination) to reduces pain in Knees, Hips and Back. Plantar Fasciitis treatment takes usually a 1 to 3 month with proper care. If you get our arch support, you are investing less than 17 cents a day for a cure. Give your body what it needs to heal.
  • Why These Are Different: These are premium Plantar Fascia Arch Support. Not the same brace to wear every day or a Pad to force discomfort. These do work, most feel results immediately while some a while longer. It did take time to get this and may take time to cure. Compression is different for each of us.
  • Quality, Comfort and Strength: Super Durable, no falling apart at the seams. Will not weaken in time. Anti Itch, Anti Bacterial and Odor Free Fabric. Breathable Moisture Wicking prevents Perspiration. Hand wash with mild, soapy water. Air dry flat.
  • GuysGetDeals Promise to You: We are so sure and feel so strongly that these will work to heal and alleviate plantar fasciitis faster, that we personally promise. If not 100 % happy, we will refund in the full amount no questions asked. Comfort pain and Shorten the healing time is why these were specifically made. You have nothing to lose but the arch pain. Give your foot what it needs to heal.



  • Content: 1 Pair (2pcs)
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Material: ABS&TPR
  • Care: Hand Wash, Air Dry
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Plantar Fasciitis Foot Arch Support Sleeve 1pair - 2pcs

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