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430*150*80(1mm); 430*150*40(1mm); 430*200*100(1mm)


1. Longquan sword forging skills have a history of more than 2500 years. In the Spring and Autumn Period, the sword master Ou Ye Zili used Longquan's unique natural conditions to cast "Long Yuan", "Tai Ah" and "Tai Ah" for the then overlord King Chu. "Working cloth" has three peerless swords, which can "break a horse and a horse, attack a geese with water, and slash as soon as the enemy", creating a precedent for steel weapons in China.

2. After the vicissitudes of life, the three-foot-long spring is infiltrated and accumulated rich cultural connotations. As the "King of Hundred Soldiers", the sword is not only an ancient weapon, but also a status symbol, a symbol of royal power, and even a symbol of the spirit of chivalry in the blood of the Chinese nation. The sword has become an important symbol of Chinese culture. . Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, traveled the world with his sword and screamed at night with his sword! It also embodies the style of a generation of literati and knights! For more than two thousand years, Ou Yezi's sword-making industry has been passed down from generation to generation in Longquan. Tough and sharp, rigid and flexible."

3. The kitchen knife combined with Longquan's traditional sword-making craftsmanship has many characteristics such as sharp cutting, long-lasting sharpness, less grinding and easy grinding, firmness and firmness that other ordinary kitchen knives do not have, which truly allows traditional crafts to enter every household!


Product category: multi-purpose knife

Material: 7 chromium 17 molybdenum vanadium steel

Specifications: Fuhu Moon Knife, Fuhu Moon Knife + Leather Case

Style: antique, retro

Production process: handmade

Handle material: imported rosewood

Mounting material: brass

CJJJJTCF05846-1set=CJJJJTCF05846-Knife and black leather case + CJJJJTCF05846-With holster

Package Content:
1 x Knife

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Super Fast And Knives For Cutting Meat And Slicing Meat For Women's Household Chefs

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