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  • 1、How to list or post products to my store or website?

    If you have authorized your store to our APP, you can list products on your store directly. Click the "list" button on the product page and don't forget to set the price. 

    You can also check "Edit Before Listing" to list part variants. For more details, please check the tutorial.

  • 2、What is the packaging like for each order?

    Normally, we pack products into envelope bags containing air bulbs. We also use paper boxes or cartoons for some special products. 

    Customized packing is available for your own design. For more details, please check the tutorial

  • 3、How to let my customer know the product is mine?

    You can put the logo on the package and product, which helps to distinguish your product from others. POD service can help put the logo on the product, and the custom package service also has the same effect. 

  • 4、What about the tax and why do you put a lower value on a package?

    First of all, everything shipping from one country to another country has to declare the value.

    Every country has different taxing standards. The price of the package is lower than the real price in order to avoid the tax effectively. For example, the price of the Customs Declaration showed above is $2.10, but it is far lower than the actual price. 

  • 5、Which products I can sell on CJ APP?

    The products showing on CJ can be resold in your stores. We also have sourcing products. You can submit the sourcing request to us.

  • 6、How to check the inventory status?

    You can check it on our product pages. Most of our products will be in stock since we have pre-stocked them.

  • 7、Can your packages not show Chinese information, "Made in China", or "Ship from China'?

    There's only one way to avoid the Chinese information on the packages -- shipping from our overseas warehouses (US warehouses, Poland warehouse). Any packages shipped from China need to show origin place on custom labels during custom clearance.

  • 8、How to search or source a product by an image on CJ?

    You can search or source items by images rather than keywords. Just click the icon on the top of the homepage

  • 9、Do I need to modify or revise all the products sourced from Aliexpress?

    You don't need to revise the product listing in your store. One product in your store can be connected to CJ in multiple ways. 

    1. Automatic Connection (exist in CJ); 

    2. Sourcing Connection (exist after you post sourcing request).

  • 10、How can I list all CJ products to my store or by bulk?

     You can list products in bulk to the Shopify store. We recommend you to bulk list according to the category.  But the bulk listing feature is only available for the Shopify store for now.

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